Interior Stone Cleaning and Preparation For Building Conversion

The preparations for interior stone cleaning and building conversion of premises that are occupied by a company while the modifications are taking place will naturally require a plan of action that will cause the least amount of disruption. Renovation work will have to be carried out in a logical progression, so that no reconstruction or modification work will need to be redone at a later stage.

stone cleaning with high pressure equipment

A critical path for conversion work and stone cleaning should be therefore always be planned in advance, based on the condition of the property and any problems that have been identified in a building survey. Continue Reading →

Buying The Right Industrial Floor Paint

When it’s painting time the greatest task set before you is to select the proper paint for the job the first time around. Industrial floor paints are designed to hold up under tough conditions. There are, however; a couple of different types to choose from.

factory flooring

Prior to making your selection, there are some important factors which must be taken into consideration. The type of flooring, e.g. concrete, wood or asphalt, the amount of traffic it receives and the type of finish you hope to achieve. It’s always worth talking to various industrial floor paint suppliers to see what they recommend from the lines they stock, but this guide is designed to help you to understand which types of paint are the most suitable for differing surfaces. Continue Reading →

Planning Processes Unique To Industrial Construction

The planning process for an industrial construction has unique features that may not be found in other construction projects. These features apply whether a company is building a new premises or expanding their existing facility.

The planning process is a crucial step in the construction of the new building and will need to be fully completed before any actual building work can begin. It is therefore important that as much care and attention as possible is taken during this stage, and this may involve input from the owners of the business, architects and builders.

The decision to undergo industrial construction is one that would not have been taking lightly by the business and by getting things right in the planning stage problems can be avoided further down the line. Continue Reading →

Flooring Options for Food Production Factories

Flooring in factories that undertake food production will present a challenge to all flooring contractors. This type of floor will need to be anti-slip but will also need to be hygienic.

Aggressive cleaning chemicals often need to be used to clean the floor to make sure that the hygiene levels are up to standard. In some instances, steam cleaning is also another technique that may be used.

In addition to this, there is also a danger that hot fat or oil may be spilled on the floor and these will need to be cleaned up straightaway, and this may happen several times a day.

All of this means that the floor will need to be tough and durable in order to stand up to this level of cleaning and any spillages that may occur. The floor will also need to have anti-slip properties, which means that even when it is wet or greasy, the surface of the floor will still grip the footwear that is being worn by employees.

Installing this type of flooring is not a job that the factory owner will want to carry out more often than is necessary and it is therefore important to ensure that the correct floor is laid first time round. There are a couple of options for the type of flooring that can be used in this environment. Let’s take a look. Continue Reading →

How to Safely Access a Manhole

Inspecting the inside of a manhole may not be something that you have to do every day, but a situation may occasionally arise where you would need to do so. With this in mind we thought that it would be good idea to go over some of the key points that must be adhered to in order to carry out an inspection safely.

Before entering the confined space of a manhole one should carry out some atmospheric tests in order to establish the conditions below ground. Continue Reading →

The Best Ways to Prepare the Ground for Construction

Many outside of the construction industry might assume that we build any building right where we choose. Often they are not aware of, or never consider, the labour that is required just in preparing the ground to receive the foundation and, of course, the building. Without proper preparation, the building being constructed is liable to be unbuildable and prone to collapse.

The Process of Soil Stabilisation

In order for the ground to be made ready to build upon, the soil itself has to be easy to work with. It also has to be made ready to handle the weight of the load which is going to be placed upon it. Lime is used to not only strengthen, but also improve the workability of both the soil and ground. Continue Reading →